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We're a team of remote workers and distributed folks who have been working from home for years trying to figure it all out. Now, it's time to help you overcome any remote work challenge. With RemoteNewbie we curate resources, tools, blog posts, Q&As and community support to help you land a remote job, improve your productivity, network, build a remote team, manage communications working in a distributed environment and much more.

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Wondering if remote work is right for you?

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Top remote productivity tools, and best job boards

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What's all the hype with remote work?

finding remote engineer or developer jobs on my latop

Find remote engineering roles in 10 mins. today

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3 tips on how to successfully onboard a remote employee

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I'm Irma Mesa. I'm a native Floridian, turned Indiana resident! Weird, right? Moving to Indiana provided me with exposure to remote work.

I was the first in-office employee at one of my previous jobs to leave and go "work remote". That meant I not only had to pitch my bosses to allow me to work remote but I had to first understand if working remote or working from home was right for me and my personality.

Through tons of growing pains and learnings I've come out on the other side equipped and ready to support individuals and teams looking to understand the intricacies of remote work and improve their productivity, communication, work ethic, and culture.

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